Thursday, October 15, 2009

Driving With Your Kids

How safe are your loved ones, your own children when you're the driver?

As I was in my line of duty, driving, I happen to see the Road Transport Department on the job. To me it's good having them around to ensure our road safety.

Just after passing them, I was at the rear of a car driven by a man. To my surprise, a child was at the back seat, I guess about eight years old or so.. he was climbing and moving around in the car and to top that up his younger sister maybe around two years old was his playmate!

It is compulsory now for all vehicles to have rear seat belts, are we practising it? What about babies and toddlers? Isn't it high time to enforce car seats for them too?

Parents.. would you think that your kids might safe your lives when you continue driving in the same manner? What about theirs?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Generally we're bored with our routine and in some cases we can burnt out. When there's "Passion & Purpose", all that seem just a little journey we take step by step. With an end in mind and lots of patience, it will come by.